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23 March 2009 @ 11:33 pm

Back in my day...Collapse )
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20 March 2009 @ 10:04 pm
DOKI DOKICollapse )

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13 March 2009 @ 08:20 pm
Rorschach's Journal: March 13, 8:22 PM.Collapse )
I saw it for the 2nd time today.
I, personally, was satisfied with the film adaptation. Squidless ending or no.

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22 February 2009 @ 11:29 pm
So, yesterday was my interview for the Western Art Academy workshop. The workshop is for 3 weeks. It was an interesting and fun interview, and a hectic and stressful morning before it. We got lost several times looking for FedEx Kinko's (to get prints made and bounded of my portfolio to show them), then got lost going to the place of the interview. Miraculously, we got there in the nick of time - about 10 minutes before the interview was scheduled. We enjoyed refreshments (coffee and a Dr. Pepper for me - I wasn't hungry at that time) and chatted with the people there for a bit and they took my picture (I was wearing a fancy outfit!!). Then I went in. I thought they were going to be intimidating, the interviewers, but they seemed relaxed and pretty nice. I shook their hands and gave them my portfolio thing. Mine wasn't in a neat leather portfolio pouch with loose papers inside, so they had to thumb through it rather than spread out all the photos like everyone else's. I thought this was a bad thing, but they said they liked how clean it was set up. But I didn't have a lot of pictures to show. They asked if I had brought any other sketch books with me, but I didn't. So I said, "well, I can draw you something right now, if you'd like." They were suprised and told me to draw the lady who'd shown me the way to the interview room. So I did (I didn't get to finish though because there was a limited amount of time my interview could run for). They told me they liked my enthusiasm and how I didn't flinch when they told me to draw her right then and there. They also told me that it was the first time they'd let anyone do that in an interview. I'm hoping this is a good sign. Afterward, we left and went to Best Buy and then the mall.

I got a sexy new BAMBOO FUN TABLET, BABY.

I also got a new jacket, cute hair clips, some AWESOME SHADES, and cute hairbands. I had a neat pen that looked like a twig with a ladybug on the end of it, but I have no idea where it ran off to... I haven't even had a chance to use it yet... :'( Hopefully I can find it.

But before we went to the mall and interview, we had to wait 30 minutes for Kinko's to open. So we went across the parking lot to an awesome healthy food store. We ate breakfast there. I had sushi for breakfast. I also found some SUSHI RICE!! And seaweed strips. So guess what I made at my friend's house the next day?

Sushi AdventureCollapse )

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Opening Credits: Tool - No Quarter
Waking Up: A Perfect Circle - Blue
Falling in Love: A Perfect Circle - Gravity
Fight scene: A Perfect Circle - Judith
Breaking up: Tool - Forty Six & 2
Getting back together: The Dresden Dolls - Gravity
Secret Love: Tool - Intension
Life's okay: Tool - Third Eye
Mental breakdown: Tool - The Patient
Driving Flashback: RevoLucian - Bale Out
Partying: Tool - Intermission
Happy Dance: Tool - The Pot
Regretting: A Perfect Circle - Renholdre
Long night alone: A Perfect Circle - Brena
Final Battle: Tool - Hooker with a Penis
Death scene: A Perfect Circle - The Hollow
End credits: A Perfect Circle - Thomas

I think I need more variety on my iPod.
19 February 2009 @ 10:15 pm
Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1. Baby deer
     I don't know much about baby deer, but they're really cute animals. 8D Aww...
2. Lacey pillows
     Lacy pillows sound soft and nice and pretty. I wish I had some!! I also want some pretty clothes with lace...
3. Ice cream
     Strawberry and vanilla are my favorite ice cream flavors right now. Strawberry is the best! (It's also pink... LOL #5)
4. Kurama and Hiei (lololl)
     My favorite homos! 
5. Pink things!
     I really like the color pink. It's so cute and pretty.

Are my elaborations too short? Oh well...
This was an interesting meme. :)


1. Fluffy kittens
     I LOVE KITTENS. They're so fuzzy and cute and the little nya-nya noises they make... <3
2. Kurama/YYH
     Kurama's gay and one of my favorite characters in YYH. :) Ahurr. I used to be such a big fangirl of his it's      embarassing.
3. Pink
     I like the color pink a lot recently! Well, I like lots of colors. But I guess I seem to like pink more?
4. Flat chest (LOL)
     I have one. :(
5. Sunflowers
     They have a special meaning to me. They make me sad but give me fond feelings as well. Sort of bittersweet, I guess. But I like them a lot.

12 February 2009 @ 04:53 pm
I won a 16 GB black iPod nano from a drawing at school from that career day thing. And I ate at Los Cucos.
And I got 2 new DS games cos my mom cashed her income tax check and got credit at the pawn shop...
Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Elite Beat Agents!!

But now I gotta go to town/eat out... I don't even have time to put songs on my new iPod. Oh well.
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10 February 2009 @ 04:46 pm
My Japanese Coach! It's here! It's finally here! 8D I'm gonna play it for a little bit (even though I have quite a bit of homework...).

I came home in a pretty good mood and then right when I got home, all happy that I finally got my game in the mail, FUCKING ANTS START ATTACKING MY ANKLES. WHAT THE HELL, MAN?
Today there was a Job Fair for seniors at the Civic Center. I got to skip 4th period for an assembly telling us about it and 7th period to actually go to it. I could have skipped 8th period but I decided not to... I got a neat plastic Crime Stoppers cup. Today has been interesting, to say the least, I guess. My physics teacher has started doing some net sessions/tutorials on this website called WizIQ.

Speaking of physics class, there's this kid in physics who today I guess told a few people that he'd been in a car accident. Well, talk spreads like wildfire and a few minutes into class the principal comes in and is like "...Matthew is in here?! I just got an e-mail that said he was in a car accident and they were using the jaws of life to get him out!" Everyone was texting the guy asking if he was ok and where he was and stuff. It was strange and amusing.

I've been having bad luck lately. Today I wished on an eyelash that I'd have better luck, and afterward when I was leaving a restaurant and opened the door for my mom the door hit me on my (raw and tore up and sore from my flats not being broke in yet) ankle. It hurt real bad. It was ironic, lol.

Well, I guess that's it...
06 February 2009 @ 06:36 pm
I still didn't go to school today. Shame on me. Oh well.

Drew this yesterday...Collapse )

Tried out WoW... It was fun, I guess. I don't think I'd like playing it alone, though.
I'm currently waiting for my parental units to bring back some burgers for me and my bro. I'm starving!! I only ate a half a cup of ramen at lunch! They always take hours to come back from eating! We're hungry too, you know.

Today was a pretty good day. I just wish the cramping wasn't mingling painfully with the starving. TvT;;

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05 February 2009 @ 09:52 am
Okay. I haven't been through a whole school day all week! I've gotten sick, and I don't feel too bad... But on Wednesday after missing 2 days I thought, "Whatever, I'll be fine." And then I threw up my breakfast and found out I had a 100 degree fever and had to come home. So I'm skipping today too because I'm afraid of a repeat of yesterday. Tomorrow I'll surely go! ... Hopefully. If I don't throw up my breakfast again.

It feels weird missing so much school... I hope I don't get in trouble. 8D;

I ordered My Japanese Coach for DS online at Walmart's website with a gift card. It'll get here sometime next week. Whoo! I can't wait! *Weeaboo*  Wahaha.

I don't know what else to say.

*Comes back after months of not posting*
I always do this though, don't I?
I have a bad habit of it. I do it with MMOs too. Oh well.
Ooh wee. ...
So yeah! 

I got into Art I this year (my senior year) at high school. Entered the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and got Special Merit... If I got into auction I'd be a happy clam. But I don't know what's going to happen. All I can do is hope, right? :T 

So that's it for this journal, I guess.
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